Here is a condensed itinerary for our circumnavigation. The arrival dates are all estimated and will be weather dependent. A more detailed itinerary is available here: World ARC Itinerary

Most of the boats on the World ARC will start in St Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean. We will meet them in Panama and start our voyage from there.

The World ARC finishes in St Lucia. In order to complete the circumnavigation we will need to sail across the Caribbean to Panama.

Leg 1
Panama to Galapagos
Depart Panama 08 February 2023
Arrive Galapagos 15 February 2023

Leg 2
Galapagos to Marquesas (French Polynesia)
Depart Galapagos 01 March 2023
Arrive Marquesas 21 March 2023

Leg 3
Marquesas to Bora Bora (French Polynesia)
Depart Marquesas 29 March 2023
Arrive Bora Bora 08 May 2023
This leg includes multiple stops in the Society Islands

Leg 4
Bora Bora to Tonga
Depart Bora Bora 14 May 2023
Arrive Tonga 30 May 2023
This leg includes stops in the Cook Islands

Leg 5
Tonga to Fiji
Depart Tonga 08 June 2023
Arrive Fiji 18 July 2023

Leg 6
Fiji to Mackay QLD Australia
Depart Fiji 20 July 2023
Arrive Mackay 27 July 2023

Leg 7
Mackay to Darwin
Depart Mackay 02 August 2023
Arrive Darwin 25 August 2023

Leg 8
Darwin to Lombok, Indonesia
Depart Darwin 05 September 2023
Arrive Lombok 11 September 2023

Leg 9
Lombok to Richards Bay, South Africa
Depart Lombok 17 September 2023
Arrive Richards Bay 11 November 2023
This leg includes stops at Christmas Island, Reunion Island, and Mauritius

Leg 10
Richard Bay to Cape Town
Depart Richards Bay15 November 2023
Arrive Cape Town 22 November 2023
We will be in Cape Town for about six weeks where we will go on a safari and a motorcycle tour. We will
probably rent an apartment to get off the boat for a while.

Leg 11
Cape Town to Salvador, Brazil
Depart Cape Town 06 January 2024
Arrive Salvador 25 January 2024
This leg includes stops in Namibia and St Helena

Leg 12
Salvador to St Lucia (Eastern Caribbean)
Depart Salvador 30 January 2024
Arrive St Lucia 08 April 2024

On Saturday April 18, 2024 there will a big party in St Lucia for all the World ARC participants and their guests. We hope you will join us.