A reporter asked Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor regarding her position on abortion when she thought life begins. She answered, “When the kids leave for college and the dog dies”.

We never thought we would get another dog after our Labradoodle, Adelaide, expired a few years ago. But, sitting at home in Covid lockdown in 2020 we decided we needed another dog. I suggested a rescue. Fiona was having none of that. Pipaluk, or Pippa, is a pure-bread Havanese who cost more than my freshman year in college. And, she is worth every penny.

Havanese are a unique breed. Originally, bred in Havana, Cuba by a long-forgotten Inuit community to hunt polar bears, much of their aggressiveness has been bred out of them. Their success is evidenced by the total absence of polar bears in Cuba. In a nod to her heritage we named her Pipaluk, an Inuit word meaning “sweet little thing”.

Pippa has spent nearly half of her life aboard Matilda. She loves paddle board rides with Fiona, running free on deserted beaches, consorting with pirates, and prancing around marinas where everybody wants to pet her. She doesn’t love being at sea in less than perfect conditions. She is a lot like Fiona in that regard.

Pippa will be with us on Matilda for our time in Costa Rica and Panama. Unfortunately, our circumnavigation starting in 2023 will take us through many countries with strict quarantine rules for pets. Pippa will be staying with Fiona’s sister in Nashville.