Escape from Mexico

The odyssey of our escape from Mexico continues. The long and the short of it is that we need a document called a “Zarpe” which proves that we have left the country legally. This document is issued by the Port Captain. If we arrive in Costa Rica without a Zarpe we will be refused entry. After multiple visits and many hours over the past several days at the Port Captain’s office, the marina office, the bank, and the immigration office we are one step away from acquiring the Zarpe. That step requires us to obtain a “Despacho” from the immigration office. The Port Captain’s office told us to get the Despacho today from the immigration office and bring it to them. The immigration office said they will only issue the “Despacho” on the day of planned departure which is tomorrow. Why the Port Captain’s office didn’t know this is a Mexican mystery.

I suggested to the crew that we barrel into the Port Captain’s office and say “Danos el Zarpe y nadie sale lastimado” which translates to “Give us the Zarpe and nobody gets hurts”. The crew talked me down from that ledge which I suppose is a good thing.

With a lot of luck we will getting the Despacho tomorrow around 12:00 and the Zarpe by around 1:00 and a boat inspection by around 2:00 for a departure by around 2:01.

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