San Blas Islands Season Finale!

We had been hearing of the stunning beauty to be found in the San Blas Islands for a few years now. The clear turquoise water, the white sand and the friendly Guna people who inhabit the islands. Very few tourists come here as there are no hotels and limited accessibility. Only those on their own boats can get here, and we can attest – it’s quite a difficult journey.

This was our last stop before getting the boat to the safety of the marina ahead of the hurricane season. We were able to get our fill of snorkeling, paddle boarding and swimming. The difference in the color of the water and the sand from the Pacific side to the Caribbean was remarkable. Sadly however, the pristine islands were strewn with plastic most of which had washed ashore with the currents. 

We are now ready to come home and see our family and friends and spend the next five months preparing Matilda for our circumnavigation which starts in January, 2023. Unless you want lots of  pictures of our stunning grandchildren and learn of some of their first words and antics,  there won’t be any more Matilda updates until then. Clearly we have travelled pretty far this season because what used to be a 3 or 4 hour flight from Mexico back home is now a 7 hour flight from Panama City!

On an interesting note, our friends on Sailing Bohemia have their  special 100th episode coming out on YouTube on June 16th. It features Matt’s birthday celebration in Costa Rica where we hiked to a waterfall, ate at the  Dolphin Quest Ecolodge and celebrated aboard Matilda. We haven’t seen the episode yet but the pre-release scoop rates it a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. Hopefully you will be able to watch as Matt gets celebrated and roasted.

Adios until January 2023.

The stunning San Blas Islands

8 thoughts on “San Blas Islands Season Finale!

  1. Rob Seltzer

    Matt & Fiona – thanks for sharing all of your awesome nautical adventures. We would love to see you upon your return.

    All the best,



  2. Kathy Hatfield

    What an incredible journey! Have loved keeping up with your experiences! Take care! See you soon I hope…….

    Hugs, Kathy


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