Change of Plan

That warship waiting at The Suwarrow Island entrance meant business. It was a patrol boat from the Cook Island Authorities who did not want any visiting boats to anchor in the bay or go ashore on this uninhabited island. Despite having preauthorization to make this a stopover we have now changed course and are heading to Niue. Niue is “it’s own country” so hopefully we will not have the same issue there. This passage is now one of the longest passages of the circumnavigation at 1200 miles. Good news is the ocean is very calm and the water is a stunning and mesmerizing ocean-blue. 

Meanwhile on another boat named Salt – they have a very different issue. During Salt’s visit to Papeete they were at a marina and were boarded by a rat. Many of you know how I feel about rats and this is a nightmare story. Upon finding they had this unwelcome stowaway they did everything they could to get rid of it – traps, bait, poison all the regular methods, yet it eluded capture. They departed Papeete with the rat still on board and arrived in Bora Bora. This rat had eaten through the cushions in the salon, eaten shoes and eaten through the sanitation hoses in the head (toilet). They kept catching glimpses of the rat but still could not capture it.

Salt departed Bora Bora with the rest of the fleet and the crew were in good humor, joking that the rat was welcome to stay if it would help with the dreaded night-watches. On the first night of this passage the rat ate through the cables for their radar and wind instruments. It is a one-rat wrecking crew and still is on the loose. They are not quite so good-humored about this rat anymore.

Such is life at sea and the drama that we deal with.

20 thoughts on “Change of Plan

  1. gino roncelli

    looks so beautiful. was at suwarrow lagoon. a number of years ago. we went snorkling on an old fishing boat. great memories.
    good seas for the rest of your journey. gino


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