A Bunch of YouTube Sailing Royalty is HERE!

We have met many fascinating people on our journey and everyone has a story to tell. Most of us keep our families updated and hope that our friends like our instagram posts and read our blogs. We take some photos and call home when we can. Then there are the super-achievers, yes these are the people who tell their stories by videoing their sailing adventures. They are somehow able to record, edit and post them on Youtube. Please be assured that Matt and I are not capable of doing this, we can barely manage to send emails to our loved ones. We have some very good friends who are famous on Youtube and for some unknown alignment of the stars many of the top Youtube sailing stars are here in Golfito right now.

Our very good friends are on Sailing Bohemia. Their journey started in 2019 when they left San Francisco on their 36ft Beneteau. They are two guys who decided to leave the corporate world behind with the goal of visiting some of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled cruising grounds. We first met them In the Sea of Cortez in 2020 and now they can’t get rid of us. We are on the same path and schedule this season and we will be going to Panama with them. Their YouTube channel is wonderful and funny and informative. They are approaching their 100th video release.

One of the “original” YouTube sailing stars, SV Delos, is next to us in the marina. A beautiful 53′ Amel this boat started in Seattle and is about to complete her 10 year circumnavigation. The skipper, Brian, met his now wife in New Zealand and they have a beautiful baby on board with them. They have an incredible 784,000 YouTube followers and have released almost 400 videos. Delos is heading north to Mexico and will complete her circumnavigation in Tenacatita, MX.

SV Parlay Revival is also in the marina with us. This YouTube story is about Colin, a New Zealander, who spends his life savings purchasing and repairing a 45ft Lagoon 450 catamaran which was deemed a total loss by the insurance company, after being damaged by Hurricane Irma. Colin has a ton of fun on his boat with lots of different crew joining him on his journey and two dogs who were eyeing Pippa in a not too friendly way. He has 208K subscribers and 159 videos. They are also heading north to Mexico.

We had drinks aboard Matilda with Brooke and Gary from SV One Life. They are a a young couple who also decided to leave the corporate grind and buy a boat and look for a simpler life. Their journey started in Florida a couple of years ago. SV One Life is heading north to The Sea of Cortez in Mexico for the hurricane season and then they head west across the Pacific next season. SV Calico Skies has a popular YouTube channel. They are in Banana Bay Marina about a mile from here.

The unusual boat in the marina on the other side of us is SV Karl with a YouTube presence called WhiteSpotPirates.This story is about a young woman who bought a unique aluminum old boat in Panama and wants to sail the world. She has been in Costa Rica for a while because she got sidetracked starting a non-profit called In Mocean. She realized that many sailors find plastic floating in the oceans and on the beaches. She decided to treat plastic waste as a precious commodity by setting up community recycling workspaces around the globe. These recycling operations will create new income streams for people living in remote areas and clean the oceans of plastic pollution. She has also placed some of these plastic recycling machines on 8 sailboats to raise awareness about plastic recycling in hard to reach places.

To put it simply we have been in the presence of sailing YouTube rockstars this past week. We love to learn of all the stories that our fellow sailors have to tell. It is a thrill to go from watching these YouTubers at home in Pasadena to actually meeting them. We have had a star-struck past week becoming groupies in Golfito, Costa Rica.

2 thoughts on “A Bunch of YouTube Sailing Royalty is HERE!

  1. dianececilefalconer

    Terrific blog entry – fascinating to hear (and be able to then “follow”) all the social media influencers’ stories. You sailors are doing so much to spread the word about global happenings, esp. environmental.

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