Family visit to celebrate the skipper’s birthday

Brave sisters and their partners traveled long distances to visit us in Costa Rica. This was no easy feat. They all used part of their scarce vacation time to join the birthday celebration. Flights departed from Newark, Nashville and Charlotte all bound for San Jose, Costa Rica. An overnight in San Jose was required and then an arduous 6 hour drive on the Costa Rica coastal roads. Reportedly some vague signs and gravel roads were part of the adventure.

A last minute hotel cancellation was foisted on one of the sisters however, AirBnb came through with a lovely alternative for them. All this to celebrate the skipper’s 60th birthday.

Visiting us on Matilda is like joining  someone for a leg of the Appalachian Trail. It sounds good from afar and is hard when you are doing it but in the end is something to be proud of. They were all troopers and Matilda got quite the workout shuttling everyone to places only accessible by boat. 

Day 1 we visited the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary where a woman rescues and releases all kinds of Costa Rican wildlife. Monkeys, toucans, sloths and others are all cared for and most are successfully released to their previous habitats. Day 2 took as to a very authentic Ecolodge. Dolphin Quest as it is known, provided a fabulous day of hiking to a waterfall “sans snakes” and a very impressive lunch of food grown on their land. Day 3 was a hit with a very challenging hike to a remote waterfall also “sans snakes” and rappelling  across the river head. Something we never have to do again. The last day we swam around a beautiful bay and ate the last of our provisions.

Being here on Matilda our main issue is that we miss our family and friends, particularly our grandchildren. This visit was a lovely spark in our lives and we are excited to continue our journey to Panama.

Dolphin Quest Lodge
Wildlife Sanctuary
sloth at work
Matilda at work

13 thoughts on “Family visit to celebrate the skipper’s birthday

  1. dianececilefalconer

    Quite an adventure to be sure… it was incredible to be able to celebrate Matt’s big birthday with family (esp. Pippa) in Costa Rica. The excursions you planned for us via Matilda- amazing glimpses into nature and a taste of your life- and dining at the Liles’ Golfito estate- priceless!


  2. dianececilefalconer

    It was more of an adventure for some than others ;). We knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opp to celebrate Matt’s big birthday. The excursions you planned via Matilda, reuniting with fam (esp. Pippa), and dining at the Liles’ Golfito estate- priceless. ♥️



    Happy Birthday to you Skippah!
    Congratulations on making it to your seventh decade on Earth!
    Your oceanic adventures make for compelling reading, keep up the good work!


      1. Anne Alford

        This must have been Matt’s best birthday yet! What a wonderful way to celebrate! You all look so so happy and the memories are priceless! Enjoy every day but come home soon. You are missed! Love, Anne


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