Change of Plan (Rev. 1)

For various reasons we are revising our plans. Rather than beating into the wind and swell for 1,500 miles to get from Panama (where Matilda is currently moored) to St Lucia (where the World ARC starts) we are going to wait for the World ARC fleet to come to us in Panama. Other benefits of this new plan include an opportunity to cruise the Bocas de Toro area of Panama and being able to keep Pippa with us until December.

Our new itinerary looks something like this: Mid-October – Fly from LAX to Panama, finish boat projects. Early November – Sail to Bocas de Toro, cruise there until mid-December. Mid-December – Return to the USA for the holidays. Mid-January – Return to Matilda in Panama to meet up with the World ARC fleet.

Here is the World ARC Itinerary. We will be joining the fleet in mid-January in Panama.

6 thoughts on “Change of Plan (Rev. 1)

  1. bartkessel1960


    When on your itinerary do you expect the fleet will be boarded by Somali pirates? I want to keep those dates open so that I can assist with negotiating Fiona’s release.



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