Pippa’s Swan Song Cruise to Bocas

Pippa’s swan song cruise on Matilda was a huge success. We took her to Bocas Del Toro so that she could check out this amazing archipelago in the northeastern corner of Panama. Pippa is about to be a fulltime land-dog and southern belle. She is moving to Nashville to live with some of her favorite peeps and canines.

Bocas Del Toro is a wonderful cruising ground with 2 big bays, 8 major islands, 51 cays and over 200 inlets. Christopher Columbus “discovered” Bocas Del Toro on his fourth and final journey. Bocas Town is a very hip and happening place with an authentic Caribbean vibe.

Our first stop was the Red Frog Marina and Resort where we arrived after an overnight passage from Colon. This is one of the best marinas we have been to with access to all their restaurants, bars, beaches and hiking trails. We successfully avoided any harm from the red poisonous frogs. Indigenous people used the poison from these frogs on the tip of darts for hunting and warfare.

We were accompanied to the best anchorages in Bocas Del Toro by our good friends on SV Bohemia. Peter and Tom have a fabulous YouTube channel Sailing Bohemia. You should definitely check them out. Pippa will be starring in the next episode.

Our Thanksgiving was spent with the Bohemia crew and other friends at Gary’s Green Acres Chocolate Farm. Gary is an expat from LA who is devoted to environmental causes and he is definitely “walking the walk”to try to preserve as much as he can. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to Willy Wonka. This was a vegetarian “Friendsgiving” with people from South Africa, England, The Czech Republic, Australia, the US and Panama. We anchored in the bay in front of the farm and the next day went on a tour of the 30 acre property. This was a treat for one particular member of Matilda’s crew, seeing 4 sloths and scoring lots of chocolate.

Our journey continued to many more islands and secluded anchorages. We stayed very close to Bohemia because they are now the proud owners of a Starlink satellite dish. Elon Musk is changing the lives of sailors everywhere with this technology and we were able to do some serious Wifi poaching. The beautiful clear-blue water and sandy beaches were spectacular and the 84 degree water made this one of our all-time favorite cruising places.

We are going to miss our Pippa but she prefers the cushy life on land and will be happy being a land-dog in Nashville for 18 months. We are so appreciative that she will be with family who will love her and treat her as one of their own – AND THEN GIVE HER BACK.

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