Pulling up the anchor and setting sail

It’s about an hour to go until we pull up the anchor and set sail for The Galápagos Islands. Yes we really are doing this and the anxiety is building. We’ve double and triple checked so many things but, there is so much unknown.

It should take us anywhere from 5 to 8 days to get there and that is a very long time for just the two of us. Most of the other boats in the fleet have at least three crew on board. One boat has seven on board. These crew members are however trying to get off and hitch a ride around the world on one of the more sparsely-crewed boats. So far we have resisted the temptation to take on a bunch of penniless but eager 20 something year old nurses from Canada but, after this passage who knows?

The rules and regulations for entry to The Galápagos Islands are testing, even for one crew member on Matilda who like rules and regulations. We have multiple labels to be placed around the boat to indicate trash and holding tanks, fresh food and frozen food. Three different colored trash bags and biodegradable soap are required. No chicken or eggs ( fear of bird flu) and all frozen food is sealed in a bag which is unsealed when we leave.

Eleven different authorities will board our boat when we arrive to check for any violations. It is no wonder that most private sailboats skip visiting the Galapagos for these arduous reasons. We had the bottom of the boat cleaned and scrubbed in Panama and have a very expensive certificate as proof. Fumigation was done inside our boat with another expensive certificate as proof. Finally, an inspector will be diving under our boat to check for any unwanted barnacles.

The rewards for all this should be magnificent. We are excited to sail on our own boat to the tortoise and iguana and blue-footed boobie capital of the planet. Along the way we will cross the equator and will have to open that cold and sparkling bottle of veuve cliquot to celebrate and offer a sip to Neptune.

14 thoughts on “Pulling up the anchor and setting sail

  1. Brad Hind

    Congrats on your arrival you two!! I just viewed your journey thru the canals and down to where you have anchored. That alone is a great adventure. Enjoy your stay and stay safe from predators like the giant Huntsman spider (if it can eat a bat, humans are not far off the menu). Enjoy Darwin’s paradise!!

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  2. dawnliles1

    Go Matilda!! Matt… remember when you were actually employed and you would call me to pass the time in LA traffic? I am still available for that purpose if you two need a diversion during this long passage. Ha. So excited and very proud of you two!


  3. Alex Johnston (aka AJ)

    Fiona that was very well written and an entertaining read! I wish I could join you as crew so we would have three people to share time at the helm!
    What a great adventure and what an outstanding destination! Not to mention the blue footed boobies!!!
    I hope to join you on Matilda later this year⛵️

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  4. Anne Alford

    What a dream! The trip of a lifetime! You two are made for this and will tackle every little hurdle with ease. I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things you see and do. Remember, we are all living vicariously through you, so, Do Everything!!
    Love you both so much!

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  5. Jill Cole

    What a wonderful adventure awaits you! All your hard work and money will be worth it. The Galapagos is unlike anything you’ve ever seen… all those crazy animals…have a blast and keep the posts coming!!!Love and miss you,Jill

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    1. Brad Hind

      I can’t comment on not picking up a bunch of Canadian nurses because there might be kids hacking this website.
      You need to confirm Blue Footed Boobies are real and not just another term for really cold big breasted women! AND, who actually paints the large Painted Locusts out there ??? Is that a job anyone can get…. Where do I sign up for that?

      Happy and safe travels!!


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