Are we there yet?

We are into our third week at sea now and whilst the time is definitely not flying, it is blurring. It has been 15 days since we last saw land and 5 days since we last saw lights from any other boats. Andrew and co. have taken their fishing rods on a different tack. We have been accompanied at times by a few dolphin and fortunately no whales

A certain repetitivenesses is occurring particularly with the skipper’s comments –
“We just need 5 more knots of wind.” – “ We just need the wind to come from any direction other than this one.” – “ The wind might pick up tomorrow.” – “Are we in the Trade Winds?” – “Google trade winds and it will tell you they’re supposed to be a constant 17 – 25 knots of sustained wind.” And so on and so on ……
We are making progress and as one of my cheeky family members said “ looks like you only have an inch to go on my computer screen”.

We are obligated to check-in twice daily to the fleet SSB net ( think ham radio). As the communications officer I am getting the hang of the lingo and getting used to saying “niner” instead of nine. Saying “ break, break” “I read you loud and clear” or “I do not copy”. On occasion I need to do relay between boats and of course use the correct words to refer to the alphabet – alpha, echo etc.

Last night when getting up to take my midnight to 3:00 am shift the skipper decided to alarm me by saying that because of the above- mentioned inadequate wind, we are really going to have to ration our food. Yes, we have provisioned poorly. Never fear, there is a huge stash of unappetizing rice and beans and an endless supply of powdered milk from which to make yogurt.

This is Foxtrot India Oscar November Alpha – signing out.

2 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. dianececilefalconer

    Okay- I do see how my sister could have confused Fiona’s blog entry for our brother’s- there are shocking similarities in style! You two could pen a novel together. Praying for Whiskey India November Delta.


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