Update on Whale Strike and a Medical Emergency

We learned today that Raindancer was struck by the whale on their propeller shaft which opened a large hole in the hull. They were sunk in 15 minutes. The whale swam away seemingly unscathed. Was it an intentional act on the whale’s part? Two Japanese fishing vessels which are known to illegally hunt whales have been spotted in the area. Are the whales attacking vessels in self-defense? Google “Whaling Ship Essex” to read about a US whaler in the 19th century that was sunk by an angry whale. The incident was the inspiration for Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

In other news, a World ARC crew member aboard SY Cepa suffered a stroke about 1,000 miles from Marquesas. Another World ARC boat with a doctor on board rendezvoused with Cepa and the doctor transferred aboard. A large motor yacht (150’) was in the area and has picked up the doctor and the patient. They are proceeding at top speed to Tahiti.

All is well aboard Matilda.

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