Almost there

Our 3000 plus mile passage to Hiva Oa is almost over.

My activity tracker on my phone is trying to tell me that I’ve been in a virtual comatose state with so few steps recorded. Little does my phone know that just standing on a heeling boat to brush my teeth is a work out. Cooking dinner whilst balancing the pans on the stovetop is like a CrossFit strength training session and making the bed is the equivalent of a 10 mile run.

Our freezer is almost empty, just a few egg muffins and meatballs remain and the chocolate, coffee and alcohol situation is downright frightening. We are heading to some very remote islands where the provisions are shipped from Tahiti once a week. We have been asked not to plunder the local store for supplies because this is for the locals. I think there might be some minor plundering or a little bartering when we arrive. We have placed a provision order which will be shipped to Fakarava, an island in The Tuamotus on April 5th, at eye watering prices.

Our journey through French Polynesia (which is the size of Europe) for the next few weeks sounds absolutely idyllic. We start in the Marquesas Islands, where Paul Gauguin used to do much of his work. We plan to anchor our boat in the lagoons of the islands of the Marquesas chain. We will then do a mere 500 mile passage to the Tuamotus ridge which has 76 stunning and remote atolls to discover. The Tuamotus have been described as “Paradise on earth “. After the Tuamotus we head to the Society Islands of Tahiti and Morea and Bora Bora on a 200 mile passage. For now we just need to get there and in approximately 24 hours we should be.

10 thoughts on “Almost there

  1. Wow, what an adventure! It sounds like you’ve been getting quite the workout just living on the boat. I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time I brush my teeth on solid ground. Good luck with the provisions situation – hopefully, you won’t have to resort to too much plundering! Safe travels.


  2. Brad

    I see you’ve made port, or at least got to a port. Congrats on getting thru an excellent stretch of sea! Enjoy the solid ground while it’s around.


  3. Mary Erickson

    Land legs will be interesting after such a long journey. I am envious of all the sights you will see. Keep us posted. Glad to know that you are close to land.


  4. dianececilefalconer

    What wonderful news! We are so happy to hear you will be on land. I’m a fan of Gaugin so look forward to pics. You’ll be visiting where Ben & Kaira had their incredible ceremony and where I was evacuated years earlier by helicopter. Hope you get lots of delicious food.


  5. Kathy Hatfield

    So happy to hear you are almost in sight of the islands! Oh joy!
    You are going to be in the most beautiful area with such beautiful
    anchorages and calm seas! I know getting your feet on solid ground may take some getting used to! So happy no further accidents or medical situations befell your group of ARC sailors! Enjoy – do love reading your always interesting and often hilarious messages!


  6. Kristin

    Good to hear of your progress and what a beautiful and grand place to visit! The size of Europe! Wow! Thinking of how interesting it must be to come into the scene slowly… letting the bright Gauguin colors appear all around you. Drink it all in for us. Savor every flavor.


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