French Polynesia

After twenty four days at sea we made landfall in Hiva Oa, an island in the Marquesas chain in French Polynesia. We received a very warm welcome from our fellow ARC boats and the local people in Hiva Oa. Our checkin to the country was very smooth and they took us at our word that we had absolutely nothing to declare. 

We were treated to a traditional Polynesian welcome dance and were able to spend the evening with Rick and Alana from the sunken boat Rain Dancer. They have been juggling news media and television show interviews and are hoping to purchase another boat in Tahiti and keep sailing. 

Our two days in Hiva Oa were busy – mindful provisioning, sim cards and an ATM were our priorities. We spent a full day scrubbing the deck and removing all the dead flying fish and squid and the algae and barnacles from the bottom of the boat. Forty-eight hours after our arrival we were on the move again heading to Niku Hiva Island, the largest in the Marquesas chain. This was a mere 85 miles and only 12 1/2 hours at sea.

The Marquesas islands are beautiful and green with mountains and waterfalls. Sadly, we do not have much time to explore as we will refuel here and then set sail for the Tuomoto Islands tomorrow. This will be a 500 mile passage, which should take about 4 days. The ARC has a schedule that we follow and it requires us to move pretty quickly in order to complete our circumnavigation in 15 months. This afternoon and evening the ARC fleet will be treated to a fancy Polynesian welcome ceremony and beach party. After almost a month since we left The Galapagos I think everyone is expecting a fun evening. 

9 thoughts on “French Polynesia

  1. G And K Tippett

    Hi Fies and Matt, we are following your wonderful journey. It sounds and looks amazing but not the relaxing getaway we imagined! Lots of hard work and broken sleep.
    Stay safe and enjoy.
    Kirsty and Guy xx


  2. Lorrie Forgatch

    Wow, you adventurers . . . thrilled you made it and hope you are enjoying the amazing scenery and the joys of being on land. Thinking about you a ton and of course praying for you 🙏🏼 Love to you both ♥️


    1. Julie Barbour

      Love following your adventures vicariously! Know you are enjoying God’s beauty all around you. Bet you are glad to be on land for a while. Be safe! Love you guys.


  3. Kevin

    Why were you having to scrub the deck, I remember you saying Fiona washed the boat daily with your onboard water factory?🤪 In all seriousness, congrats to you both, that’s a great accomplishment with many more to come.


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